BOS October 25, 2022 Meeting

BOS October 25, 2022 Meeting

Date:  Tuesday October 25, 2022 (10/25/22)

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Board of Supervisors
County of Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting:  October 25, 2022
County Administration Bldg. Boardroom, Third Floor
6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting
Work Session
6:00 p.m.
Business Meeting
7:00 p.m.
*Public Hearings Will Be Heard at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting will be live-streamed at the following link:

Public comments may be made in person during any meeting.  You may also submit any public comments on our website at

Any public comments received in person or by website form up until the public comment section is closed by the Chair of the Board of Supervisors on October 25 may be entered into the meeting minutes if desired by the citizen. 

Roll Call

Public Safety Salary Discussion  
Utility Master Plan and Project Update

Pledge of Allegiance to U.S. Flag

C-1.     Resolution; Appropriation ($19,810.49 State Asset Forfeiture Funds).  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)




Farmer’s Market- Corrie Hurt
Admin Building Boiler Update – Dean Simmons
Quarterly Financial Report – Betsy Drewry


A-1.     Draft Minutes – October 11, 2022 Regular Meeting.

A-2.     Resolution; Revision to Personnel Policy Section 1.1 - 1.4 Entitled Equal Employment Opportunity/ADA Statement.  (Corrie Hurt, Human Resources Director)

A-3.     Resolution; Revision to Personnel Policy Section 24.1 - 24.25 Entitled Leave.  (Corrie Hurt, Human Resources Director)

A-4.     Resolution; Authorize the Economic Development and Tourism Department to Complete a Grant Application to the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development for the Industrial Revitalization Fund Grant.   (Yoti Jabri, Economic Development Director)

A-5.     Resolution: Award of Contract for Professional Engineering Services to Complete a Preliminary Engineering Report for a Water Treatment Plant.  (Frank Haltom, County Engineer)

A-6.     Resolution: Authority to Apply for Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Funds ($100,000; Tranche 1 $50,000 and Tranche 2 $50,000).  (Betsy Drewry, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)   

A-7.     Resolution: Appropriation of FY2023 Fire Program Funds ($172,561).  (Betsy Drewy, Deputy County Administrator, Finance)

A-8.     Resolution; Authority to Advertise an Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia,” as Amended, by Amending §74-263 to Clarify the Necessary Documentation for the Initial Application and Revalidation for the Special Real Estate Assessment for Land Preservation.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

A-9.     Resolution; Authority to Advertise Public Hearing for Sale of Property to Wallermann, LLC.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

A-10.   Resolution; Approval of County-Wide Room Rental Policy.  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney)

P-1.      Public Hearing; REZONING RZ-21-05: Request of MAT Developments, LLC to conditionally rezone approximately 10 acres from M-1, Light Industrial to M-2, General Industrial. The purpose of the rezoning is to allow overflow tractor trailer parking for e-commerce fulfillment transportation services. The subject property is located on the east side of Corporate Lane and is adjacent to the corporate limits of the City of Petersburg to the north. The property is identified as Tax Map 330(0A)00-016-C. The Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates the property is planned for Industrial development. (Andre Greene, Planning) 

P-2.      Public Hearing; SPECIAL EXCEPTION SE-22-09: Request of Daniel Davis (Grand Slam, LLC), prospective buyer, to permit a special care hospital within a B-1 General Business Zoning District, pursuant to Prince George County Zoning Ordinance Section 90-393(8). The purpose of the request is to allow a day support facility to open in an existing building and provide day support services for persons with mental, physical and emotional challenges. The subject property is an existing building that currently consists of three separate commercial condo units totaling approximately   3,200 square feet, located in the Ravenswood Office Park at 10551, 10553 and 10555 South Crater Road and identified as Tax Maps 33A(01)00-006-B, C and D. The Prince George County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map indicates the property is planned for Commercial uses.  (Julie Walton, Deputy County Administrator, Community Development)

P-3.      Public Hearing; Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia”, 2005, as Amended, by Amending § 74-5 Relating to Authorizing the Treasurer to Approve Refunds Up to Ten Thousand Dollars Without the Approval of the Board Of Supervisors in Accordance with Virginia Code Section 58.1-3981(A).  (Dan Whitten, County Attorney) 

Board meeting format:  Closed Meeting at 5:00 p.m., followed by a Business Meeting at 7:00 p.m. with Public Hearings being heard at 7:30 p.m.  Visit Prince George County website for information