County Attorney

County Attorney

Andrea Erard                            
County Attorney  

P.O. Box 68
Prince George, Virginia   23875

Phone:  (804) 722-8685  
Fax:  (804) 733-2539

Vickie Turner
Sr. Legal Assistant

The County Attorney's Office provides the following services:

Provides legal services to the Board of Supervisors, the County Administration and Constitutional officers for all civil legal matters that arise within the County. These services include rendering legal advice and opinions; legal research; preparation of legal documents; and representation at the Board of Supervisors’ meetings.

  • Handles all litigation involving the County of Prince George or its employees, either as a plaintiff or a defendant.
  • Provides legal advice to the citizens of Prince George on County government issues. 


County Vision Statement                                                                                             
Prince George County...A global community where families thrive and businesses prosper.  

County Mission Statement 
It is the mission of Prince George County to provide a balanced quality of life for our citizens.  We will provide residents and businesses with equal access to high quality services in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner.  We affirm to continue to practice sustainable development throughout the County.  
6602 Courts Drive, Third Floor Prince George, VA 23875


Andrea Erard (804) 722-8685
The County Attorney's Office is open Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m.   Excluding State Holidays
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