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Senior Citizen Task Force

Senior Citizen Task Force

The Prince George County Board of Supervisors established a task force to address the needs of the growing number of senior citizens in the County.  The Senior Citizen Task Force consists of five to seven citizens of the County appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  The Senior Citizen Task Force works together to address transportation, housing, and medical needs of senior citizens in the County.

Mission Statement

The Senior Task Force is governed by the Prince George County Board of Supervisors and is dedicated to advocacy, implementation, improvement and sustainability of the quality of life for adult citizens of Prince George County.  Our dedication resides with the preservation of their independence while promoting mental and physical well-being, the protection of their rights and dignity through outreach and activism.



Mary Ann White, Chair                                           804-731-1152
Renee Garnett, Vice Chair                  
Charlotte Seibert   
Terri Holman                                      
Susan Walters                                    
John Greaves                                                            843-368-4879
Ronald Recher                                      

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