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Jury Duty

Jury Duty

How was I chosen for jury service?

Potential jurors are selected randomly by the jury commissioners using lists designated by the court, such as the voter registration list and the driver's license list. In some courts, this is done by hand, and in others, it is done by computer. Either way, the selection method is designed to produce a cross section of the community. Citizens over 18 years of age have an equal opportunity to be called for jury service.

Scheduled Jury Dates

Below you will find the scheduled Jury dates for the next couple months. Should any of these cases be settled ahead of time, we will update this list indicating "canceled" next to the date. We will also update the Sheriff's Office answering service and attempt to call you. Please plan on attending each of the dates scheduled, unless otherwise notified by the Sheriff's Office or indicated below.

march april

Report to the Jury Assembly Room on the second floor of the Prince George County Courthouse located at 6601 Courts Drive, Prince George, VA 23875.

Should you have an emergency and cannot attend, please call the Prince George Circuit Court at 804-733-2640.

For information on serving on a jury click on these links Handbook for Virginia Grand Jurors and The Answer Book for Jury Service.

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