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Sheriff's Office

Sheriff's Office

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Physical Address:                                                
6601 Courts Drive 
Prince George, Virginia 23875

Mailing Address:                                                       
P.O. Box 366
Prince George, VA  23875

Phone:  (804) 733-2690
Fax:      (804) 733-2629
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Mission Statement:  The mission of Prince George County Sheriff's Office starts with our department's commitment to excellence by example. This pledge demands that our men and women embrace integrity at all times. We seek to employ and maintain only dedicated and caring personnel that will set a high standard of "excellence by example". We also have a standard of commitment in partnership with the community to protect life and property that is second to none. Our daily goal is to perform the duties of the Sheriff's Office of Prince George County to the full extent of our abilities while listening and responding to the public's concerns. We honor our allegiance to the Community, State, and Nation to uphold the constitution while seeking to ensure every citizen be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect regardless of circumstance.

The Prince George County Sheriff's Office is small but provides several services to the people of Prince George, VA, such as:

  • Courthouse/Courtroom Security
  • Service of Civil and Criminal Papers
  • Transportation of inmates
  • Extraditions
  • Project Lifesaver
  • Home Incarceration
  • Selective Enforcement
  • Drug Court
  • Provides Security for community activities
  • National Night Out
  • Career day at local days 


Sheriff Roger "Buck" Vargo was elected on November 2, 2021. As Sheriff he has appointed Brian Rouse to be his Chief Deputy.

Sheriff Vargo  has assigned his Deputies with several duties:

  • Captain B. Rouse - Manage daily operation. Accreditation and policy
  • Lieutenant R. Vaughan - Supervise daily scheduling, Civil Process, Project Lifesaver Coordinator, Child Passenger Safety Seat Technician and Drug Court.
  • Sgt. K. Stith - Court dockets, arrange inmate transportation, field training officer, home incarceration program
  • Deputy A. Moon - Courtroom/Courthouse security, civil process, and inmate transportation, Project Lifesaver, drug court
  • Deputy T. McIntyre, Courtroom/Courthouse security, civil process, inmate transport
  • Deputy J. Martin - Courtroom/Courthouse security, civil process, inmate transport
  • Deputy B.  Baugus - Courtroom/Courthouse security, civil process, inmate transport
  • Deputy H. E Allin IV - Courtroom/Courthouse security, civil process, inmate transport
  • Deputy A. Shell - Part Time Courthouse security
  • Deputy E. Jones - Part Time Courthouse security

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