Fiber to the Home
Broadband in Prince George County, VA

An agreement between PGEC Enterprises,
Prince George County IDA, and the
County of Price George
May 23, 2017

Need for broadband in rural areas:

  1. 61% of all businesses in Prince George County, VA are home-based businesses. Small and medium size businesses with greater high-speed Internet use grow faster than those with less high-speed Internet.
  2. Enhanced educational opportunities (dual enrollment, complete homework, check grades/lunch account) and furthers workforce development (online training & job search) which supports economic development in Prince George County.
  3. Availability of secure, reliable, competitive and sustainable broadband infrastructure is essential to meet citizen’s needs. Broadband is either not present (coaxial cable), not affordable (wireless systems), or not reliable (satellite service) in rural areas.
  4. Lack of broadband is the #1 complaint of Prince George County residents.

Parties to the Agreement:

  • County of Prince George, Virginia (the "County") a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • PGEC Enterprises, LLC ("PGECE") a Virginia limited liability company authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Industrial Development Authority of the County of Prince George, Virginia (the "Authority"), a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia

Term of agreement:

Four (4) years -- through July 1, 2021


Phase I will include 500 new subscriber connections from execution of agreement. Pilot project homes do not count towards 500 goal. PGECE may continue connections beyond 500 at any time. Customers shall be within 1,000 feet of a VDOT road.


At a minimum, 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. PGECE shall ensure that there is no degrading of broadband service to customers during the term of this Agreement. System will use fiber optic cable. There will be no limit on data usage.


PGECE will return to the Authority $2,000/connection for each connection not completed, under the 500 subscription target, after four years.

Click here for a copy of the Inducement Performance Agreement between the parties.