Various incentives, financing options and business assistance are available for new and existing businesses. Please read below for more information:

Enterprise Zones:
The Enterprise Zone program provides state and local incentives to businesses that invest and create jobs within Virginia's Enterprise Zones. Prince George County has 1 Enterprise Zone (#16). Please see the map below for the location of Prince George's Enterprise Zone. Residents can also use our GIS Mapping system to see if their business or property is located within our Enterprise Zone. Use the toolbar located on the left-hand side to initiate the Enterprise Zone layer and search for the property address.

Businesses located in the Enterprise Zones can take advantage of local and state incentives. Local incentives are administered through Prince George County, and state incentives are administered through the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). Please find more information below regarding the local and state incentives.
Stacey English, Local Zone Administrator
(804) 722-8609

EZ Map

Tourism Zones:
A Tourism Zone is a designated geographic area of a city or county identified for increased growth in tourism related businesses. There is one Tourism Zone in Prince George County, located off of Exit 45 - Interstate 95, on South Crater Road. Please refer to the below map for the Tourism Zone located in Prince George County.
A new or existing Tourism Business may apply through the Tourism Zone to become a Qualified Tourism Business. A Tourism Business is a business whose primary purpose is to establish a desirable destination to attract tourists from outside of the community and create an environment for those visitors that will deliver a memorable experience or promote educational opportunities while increasing travel-related revenue. 

Qualified Tourism Businesses are eligible for tourism zone incentives if:
  • They are an existing business that makes a 125,000 capital improvement and creates five new full-time equivalent jobs; or
  • They are a new business that makes a $250,000 capital improvement and creates ten new full-time equivalent jobs.
Incentives of the Tourism Zone:
  • Discount of 50% on initial connection feeds for water and sewer
  • "Gap" financing through allocation of local sales tax, not to exceed $200,000 in conjunction with the authorized state financing program
  • Rebate of 25% of collected meals tax revenue for new businesses for five years
  • Rebate of 25% of new local sales tax, new meals tax or new transient occupancy taxes for expanded businesses for five years.
  • A guaranteed twenty-one calendar day review process of site plans
Click here for the Tourism Zone Application and Information Packet.
Click here for the Tourism Zone Annual Review Application (for businesses who are currently receiving Tourism Zone benefits).

Stacey English, Local Zone Administrator
(804) 722-8609
Exit 45 Tourism Zone Map

Regional Assistance:
Federal Assistance: