James River Soil & Water Conservation District 
6380 Scott Memorial Park 
Prince George, VA 23875 

P.O. Box 129,
Prince George VA 23875

Phone: (804) 732-6550 

The James River Soil & Water Conservation District consists of Prince George County and Chesterfield County. A Board of Directors whose members serve voluntary four-year terms governs it. Two directors are elected from each County, while the other two directors are appointed. The job of the Board of Directors is to oversee the programs administered by the staff.

The following services are provided:

  • Implementation of the Virginia Agricultural Cost Share Program (VACS)
  • Promote stewardship and conservation of soil, water and natural resources by educating and providing assistance that encourages citizens to manage, protect, and enhance land and water.
  • Continue conservation planning to implement best management practices to protect soil and water resources within the District.
  • Provide youth and adult education to increase public awareness of conservation issues.
  • Address urban conservation issues as the need arises.
  • Maintain district operations to effectively carryout the obligations of the District.
  • Coordinate and host the local Envirothon Competition for High School students in Prince George and Chesterfield Counties.
  • Provide the rental of a Great Plains 7' No-Till Seeder Drill to the residents of Prince George County.

Board of Directors
Joseph Waymack, Chairman - Prince George County (Elected)
Margie Davis, Vice Chairman - Chesterfield County (Elected)
Scott Reiter, Prince George County (Appointed)
Donald A. Bagshaw, Prince George County (Elected)
Carey Lynn Allen, Chesterfield County (Elected)
Bill Kreider, Prince George County (At-Large, Appointed)

Associate Directors 
Mike Likins, Chesterfield County
Charlie Skalsky