Prince George, the Man

Prince George, the Man

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Prince George, the Man

“And that part of the said County…shall for ever thereafter be called and known by the name Prince George County.” By act of General Assembly, 1702

For the 315th anniversary of the founding of Prince George County, a new exhibit was designed and written by the Prince George Heritage Center to be placed in the alcove area of the Administration Building, First Floor. For the first time in the County’s history, focus was set on the man for whom the County was named in 1703: Prince George of Denmark. It was that focus that drove the design, presentation, and installation about a Danish royal who married a British princess and subsequently had a significant land area in the New World carry his name into perpetuity.

At the center of the new exhibit is a newly created bronze bust of Prince George. Surrounding the bust are carefully researched panels and an interactive screen that depicts George’s life from his 1653 birth in the royal family of Denmark to his death in London in 1708 as a member of the royal family of England. The exhibit spans out to include the time in which George lived and allows the visitor to interactively pick and choose where to “visit” and when: perhaps a view from Jamestown in May of 1667 in the midst of a hurricane, or a royal wedding in London in 1683, or a look at Peter the Great founding St. Petersburg, Russia in the same year that Prince George County was formed. Colorful stationary panels and maps make George and his seventeenth century world “come alive”. All-in-all the exhibit is designed to provide fun and learning for anyone coming to see it, the first time or many times repeated.

You are invited to step inside the life and world of Prince George, the Man…

Monday through Friday: 8:30 to 5:00 Prince George County Administration Building, First Floor
6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, 23875
Information or tour groups, please contact the Heritage Center: (804) 863-0212 or

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