Real Estate Assessor's Office

Mailing Address                                                                     FY2022 Appeal Deadlines:
P O Box 68                                                                               Administrative Appeal June 4, 2021
Prince George, VA 23875                                                        Board of Equalization Appeal July 16, 2021 

Physical Address
6602 Courts Drive
Prince George, VA 23875

The Real Estate Assessor's Office fairly and equitably assesses the real estate in Prince George County annually under the authority of the Constitution of Virginia, the Code of Virginia, and the Prince George County Code. 

It is the responsibility of the Real Estate Assessor's Office to assess land and improvements at 100 percent of fair market value according to state law. The annual real estate assessment is an estimate of the fair market value of land and improvements as of January 1 of the upcoming fiscal tax year.  

The guiding values of the Real Estate Assessor's Office are equalization, accuracy, and efficiency. These values guide all valuation activities, the maintenance and distribution of information, as well as the general administrative and technical functions of the office.

The Assessor's Office is responsible for making changes to land records from the new deeds, wills and plats received from the Clerk's Office. For each property record there is a card showing the record of ownership, legal description, acreage, class code, district, source of title, location of property, sales date and sales amount.

Property cards and tax maps showing location of properties may be seen in the Real Estate Assessor's Office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Real estate taxes are due June 5 and December 5 each year.




Carol Crawford, Real Estate Operations Coordinator

Janet Schwalm, Real Estate Technician, Land Use Coordinator

Dorothy Stewart, Office Associate

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