Prince George County Announces Kristen Pudlow  As New Deputy County Administrator

Prince George County Announces Kristen Pudlow  As New Deputy County Administrator

For immediate release:
February 1, 2024

 For additional information, contact:
Jackie Lipford, Public Information Officer
(804) 722-8607


Prince George County Announces Kristen Pudlow As New Deputy County Administrator

A headshot of Kristen Pudlow. She is in her forties with a plaid orange and white blazer. Her brown hair is cut at shoulder length and she wears a slight grin on her face.

Prince George, VA - Prince George County is excited to announce the appointment of Kristen Pudlow as the new Deputy County Administrator effective February 1, 2024. As Deputy County Administrator, Pudlow will be responsible for supervising and managing different County Departments, collaborating with the County Administrator and department directors, and handling special projects. Additionally, she will represent the County on local and regional boards and commissions, assist with the preparation of the annual budget, and coordinate strategic goals. With over 20 years of experience in public service, both at the state and federal level, Pudlow brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new role.

Pudlow's impressive career includes 15 years of active-duty military service, where she retired as a Medical Detachment First Sergeant in the Idaho Army National Guard. As a First Sergeant, she took charge of approximately 60 soldiers of all ranks and provided support to other military units. She demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and underwent extensive training at the United States Army Sergeant Major Academy, graduating in February 2023. During her military tenure, Pudlow also served as a Senior Human Resources Sergeant, overseeing multiple organizations within the state of Idaho, and as the State Education and Incentives Officer.

Throughout her career, Pudlow has served in various positions at the local government level. Most recently, she acted as an Emergency Planning contractor for the City of Nampa, Idaho, where she played a crucial role in the development of the City's Emergency Operations Plan. She also worked in the City of Nampa Mayor's Office and Emergency Management Team where she handled communication with citizens, state representatives, and community leaders.

Pudlow holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, with a Certificate in Public Policy. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Excelsior College in New York.