Survivor Day's Successful Comeback

Survivor Day's Successful Comeback

For immediate release: 
September 21, 2023

For additional information, contact:
Brion Bear, Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator


Survivor Day Successfully Returns to Prince George County


Prince George, VA – After a few years of stalling due to government shutdowns because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Prince George Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) bounced back with its 7th Annual Survivor Day on Saturday, September 16.

At the new Middle Road Elementary School, the group came together to bring disaster preparedness to the forefront of nearly 100 attendees' minds. Attendees learned everything from how to react to an active shooter to how to prepare a home emergency kit. Survivor Day provided the opportunity to take classes and receive hands-on training about food safety, weather alerts, sheltering in place, fire hydrants, and document safety. Presenters gave valuable tips and tools and strongly encouraged residents to build a home emergency kit that includes water, food, flashlights, batteries, and medical items. 

The LEPC's mission is to provide the public with information about possible chemical hazards, assist the county with issues of emergency preparedness, and support local government emergency planning. On Saturday, the team paired with community partners and volunteers. They joined forces with county government staff, the Prince George County Police Department, the Sheriff's Office, Social Services, the Fire and EMS Department, the Certified Emergency Response Team, and Local Boy and Girl Scout troops with the shared goal of making the community more prepared in case of an emergency.

The event focused heavily on weather-related events, which are the most common form of emergency in our locality. Heavy winds and downed trees may affect power and travel. Although our Police Department and Fire and EMS Department work around the clock, it can take time to reach everyone in an emergency. It is important that citizens are prepared to take care of themselves until help arrives. Fire and EMS Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Brion Bear urged residents to be prepared as he shared some initiatives of his department. Every household should be ready to take care of their own needs for at least 72 hours. 

“I was glad to see Survivor Day come back,” Board of Supervisors Chair Donald Hunter said. Hunter, who is also a member of the LEPC, commented, “An event like Survivor Day really proves how people, organizations, and volunteers can come together for the betterment of the community.” With the success of this year's event, planning is already beginning for next year.