Recap of August 8 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Recap of August 8 Board of Supervisors Meeting

August 8 Meeting Recap

Board of Supervisors Authorizes a Public Hearing 
on September 12 to Re-Appropriate $2,180,863.23 in 
School State Construction Funds

Prince George County Public Schools received $2,785,153 in State Construction Funds during FY2023.  State guidelines required that the funding be used for nonrecurring construction and equipment items, and the school division obligated the funds accordingly.  As of June 30, 2023, $2,180,863.23 of the State Construction Funds received in FY2023 remained unexpended. This amount will be recorded as deferred revenue in FY2023, and be “rolled to” FY2024 as revenue, and expended in FY2024 within the Capital Outlay School Budget category. This requires a FY2024 budget amendment / reappropriation.  Unexpended obligations (purchase orders) were for HVAC replacements at Prince George High School and the relocation of modular units from William A. Walton Elementary School to other school locations. Work started in FY2023, and continues in FY2024. Because the dollar amount of the amendment exceeds 1% of the County’s adopted FY2024 budget, the County must hold a public hearing to make this budget amendment (Code of Virginia section15.2-2507). The total FY2024 Adopted budget is $154,639,306, and 1% is $1,546,393.

Other matters that came before the Board at its meeting: 

·       Held a discussion and unanimously approved an appropriation to purchase security cameras in the amount of $25,612.00 for State Department of Social Services Public Assistance Funds.

·       Held a discussion on Deputy County Administrator and Community Development positions and postponed further discussion to September 26 under work session.

·       Received a report on FY2024 vehicle replacements and agreed by consensus for Staff to move forward with the purchase of seven recommended new replacement vehicles and move to a pooled arrangement for 13 vehicles.

·       Discussed a water and wastewater agreement to address capacity issues and postponed to September 26 under reports for further discussion.

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $10,625 for an increased contribution from Dinwiddie County for assistance provided by Carson Fire Station.

·       Approved on consent an appropriation in the amount of $15,980 for Sports Tourism Fees Fiscal Year 2023, Quarter 4.

·       Received a roads maintenance report from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

·       Unanimously authorized the Department of Social Services to apply for a Cameron Foundation Project/Program Grant in the amount of $1,500 and a John Randolph Foundation Community Contribution Grant in the amount of $1,500.

·       Unanimously approved a re-appropriation in the amount of $293,049.59 for outstanding June 30, 2023 encumbrances/purchase orders.

·       Unanimously approved a resolution accepting the Hampton Inn Water Agreement.

·       Unanimously authorized the Police Department to complete and submit a grant application to the Virginia Department of Emergency Management for PSAP Grant Program for staffing recognition funding in the amount of $50,000.