Recap of April 11, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting

Recap of April 11, 2023 Board of Supervisors Meeting

April 11 Meeting Recap

Board of Supervisors Vote to Change Water and
Sewer User Charges

The County Engineer recommended amendments to Chapter 82 of the County Ordinance to modify the water and wastewater user charges and rate block schedules. The recommendation includes a 5% increase in the water user charges and a 5% increase in sewer user charges. This recommendation is to ensure fair and equitable rates to all ratepayers that are adequate to cover the projected costs of the utility and maintain responsible reserves for unexpected and future costs. 

At its April 11 meeting, the Board voted unanimously to approve the rate changes.  The proposed rate increases would be effective July 1, 2023.

Other matters that came before the Board at its meeting: 

·       Held a discussion of alternative alignments for the Blackwater Wastewater Trunk Line.

·       Received a report on connections of private pump stations to a public force main.

·       Received a report on the allocation of water capacity.  

·       Approved on consent and presented a commendation to Harold Shreves for his service to Prince George County.  

·       Approved on consent a budget amendment in the amount of $3,615.33 for the Department of Social Services United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Grant funds.  

·       Received a roads maintenance report from the Virginia Department of Transportation.

·       Unanimously approved a request of Ethel Krenicky and Paul E. Vlk to vacate the consolidation plat of Parcel #510(0A)00-070-0, Instrument #2200001939, Having 73.436 Acres and Consisting of Former Parcels 510(0A)00-070-0, 510(0A)00-070-A, 510(0A)00-070-B, 510(0A)00-070-C, and 510(0A)00-070-D.   

·       Unanimously approved the recommended FY2024 Health, Dental and Vision Insurance renewals.

·       Unanimously approved a resolution to authorize a refund for Parcel 340(22)00-012-0 for the unutilized water and wastewater capacity (Water - $80,840; Sewer - $55,960).   

·       Unanimously approved Prince George County, Virginia projects submitted to Senator Warner, Senator Kaine for FY24 Congressional Directed Spending Funds; and approval of Prince George County, Virginia projects submitted to Congresswoman McClellan for FY2024 Federal Budget Community Project Funding.  

·        Unanimously appointed Mr. Brian Waymack to the Prince George County Planning Commission for an interim term.