PG Social Services  Recruiting for Foster Parents

PG Social Services  Recruiting for Foster Parents

County of Prince George, Virginia
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Jeffrey D. Stoke
County Administrator



Board of Supervisors

Marlene J. Waymack, Chair
Donald R. Hunter, Vice-Chair
Floyd M. Brown, Jr.
Alan R. Carmichael
T. J. Webb



For Immediate Release

August 9, 2022                           

For further information contact:
      Bertha H. Judge – (804) 733-2650


Prince George Department of Social Services
Is Recruiting for Foster Parents

Prince George, VA - Prince George County is actively recruiting members of the community who would love to step into the role of caring for a foster child while they await return to their biological family’s home.  “Foster care is intended to be a temporary placement for children who need safe and stable housing and the family services staff do a great job in working with families to remove barriers to enable a safe return home for children when possible,” said Bertha Judge, Director.

With the goal of reunification, the parents engage in services to achieve stability so the children can return safely to their home.  The role of foster parents is to work among the child’s team to support and nurture children while preserving the relationships that define who they are. “Prince George Social Services is committed to placing children with relatives whenever possible. When that is not immediately possible, our foster parents are vital in allowing children to maintain family and community connections” says Michelle Bennett, Deputy Director. The chance of reunification increases when children remain close to their home, relatives, friends, and other supports, such as schools and religious institutions. 

The Foster Care team has worked on a mission to recruit families by placing signs all over the community.  Although Virginia has many requirements of foster parents, there are no restrictions based on marital status, home ownership, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation in becoming a foster parent.

As you travel through the County, you may notice signs asking you to be part of the village and become a foster parent.  If you would like more information, please contact Prince George Social Services at 804-733-2650 or visit   Staff will also be present at the County’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday, August 20th to talk to anyone interested in becoming a foster parent.


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