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BOS April 14, 2020 Regular Meeting

BOS April 14, 2020 Regular Meeting

Date:  Tuesday April 14, 2020 (04/14/20)

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Board of Supervisors
County of Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting: April 14, 2020
County Administration Bldg. Boardroom, Third Floor
6602 Courts Drive, Prince George, Virginia
Regular Meeting

7:00 p.m.

*Public Hearings Will Be Heard at 7:30 p.m.

Roll Call





C-1. Draft Minutes – February 24, 2020 Special Called Meeting; February 25, 2020 Regular Meeting; March 5, 2020 Budget Worksession; March 10, 2020 Regular Meeting; and March 12 Budget Work Session Minutes. [2]

C-2. Resolution; Approval of Refund of Bank Franchise Tax to Branch Banking & Trust Company ($18,072). [3]

C-3. Resolution Confirming Declaration of Local Emergency Due to the Outbreak of Covid-19. [4] [DELETED]

C-4. Resolution; Acceptance of Branchester Lakes Subdivision Sections 14 and 15 into Virginia Department of Transportation/ Secondary System of Roads Maintenance. [5]

C-5. Resolution: Allowing for and Governing Participation of Board Members by Electronic Communication Means. [6]

C-6. Emergency Ordinance to Effectuate Temporary Changes in Certain Deadlines and to Modify Public Meeting and Public Hearing Practices and Procedures to Address Continuity of Operations Associated with Pandemic Disaster. [7]

C-7. Resolution Confirming Agreement for Mutual Aid for Certain Pandemic Related Services Among Designated Localities in the Crater Health District and the Virginia Department of Health. [8]

C-8. Resolution; Proclamation; National Volunteer Week; April 19-25, 2020. [ADDED]




VDOT Secondary Six-Year Plan – Crystal Smith

T-1. Resolution; Proposed Addition Prince George County Personnel Policies; Section 330.1 Through 330.14, Entitled Non-Travel Food and Beverage Purchases. [9]

T-2. Ordinance to Amend “The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia”, 2005, as Amended, by Amending § 82-313 And 82-595 to Modify Requirements Related to Payment of Utility Connection and User Fees. [10]

A-1. Resolution; Approval of Recommended FY2021 Health, Dental and Vision Insurance Renewals with Recommended Rates as Attached. [11]

A-2. Authorize the Police Department to Complete and Submit a Virginia Port Authority Grant Application for Two Outboard Motors for Marine Vessel. [12]

A-3. Resolution; Authorize Staff to Complete and Submit Grant Applications to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, The Cameron Foundation, and The John Randolph Foundation, for a Paved Trail Project in Scott Memorial Park. [13] [DELETED]

A-4. Resolution; Budget Amendment and Appropriation ($68,287 Social Services Public Assistance Funds for Foster Care Services). [14]

A-5. Resolution; Appropriation State Nonarbitrage Program (Snap) Interest Proceeds – Series 2014 C, D & E ($40,917 to Cover Human Services Cooling Tower Fan and Blower Replacement). [15]

A-6. Resolution; Award of Contract to Perform an Evaluation of the Underground Sewer System. This will evaluation will cover all of Birchett Estates, Fountain Ridge, Beechwood Manor, and Rivers Edge. [16]

A-7. Resolution; Award of Contract (Auditing Services - $51,000 County/School Audit; $25,700 Affiliated Entities / Organizations). [17]

A-8. Resolution; Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for Setting a Tax Rate for Real Property, Personal Property Machinery and Tools and Mobile Homes. [18] [DELETED]

A-9. Resolution; Authority to Advertise Public Hearing on Ordinance Changes Related to Permit Fee Increases. [19] [DELETED]

A-10. Resolution: Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for Ordinance Amendments to The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia by Amending Section 14-39 Business Licenses. [20] [DELETED]

A-11. Resolution: Authority to Advertise a Public Hearing for Ordinance Amendments to The Code of the County of Prince George, Virginia by Amending Section 82-262 Water User Charge Schedule, and Section 82-537 Wastewater User Charge Schedule. [21] [DELETED]


A-12. Resolution Regarding the Extension of the Due Date for Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, Stormwater Utility Fees and Public Services Taxes.

A-13. Emergency Ordinance to Waive Penalty and Interest Until August 31, 2020 on Real Estate Taxes, Personal Property Taxes and Stormwater Utility Fees.

A-14. Emergency Ordinance to Waive Penalties and Interest For Payments For Water And Wastewater Services.

A-15. Emergency Ordinance to Waive Penalties and Interest Until August 20, 2020 on Meals Taxes and Transient Occupancy Taxes.

A-16. Discussion of School Revenue Sharing Calculation – Public Safety “Carve Outs.”

A-17. Discussion of Additional Budget Work Sessions.

P-1. Public Hearing; Consideration of Equalization of Tax Rate Based on Assessment. [22]

Board meeting format: Closed Session Meeting at 5:00 p.m., followed by a Business Meeting at 7:00 p.m. with Public Hearings being heard at 7:30 p.m. Visit Prince George County website for information