Energy Assistance Program (Seasonal)

Energy Assistance Program (Seasonal)

Energy Assistance Program (Seasonal)

The Prince George Social Services Department assists eligible Prince George residents with their heating and cooling bills or equipment needs.  Below is a listing of the available programs.

Fuel Assistance

This program helps eligible households with the cost of home heating; it can also be used for furnace restarts, late charges, delivery charges, installation charges, and connection or reconnection fees. It is designed to help offset this expense rather than to pay all of it. Benefits are determined and authorizations for deliveries or service are sent to vendors in December.

To be eligible for Fuel Assistance, there are certain income guidelines and living arrangements that must be met. The household must be responsible for paying the heating bill. Applications are accepted from the second Tuesday in October through the second Friday in November. 

Crisis Assistance

Crisis Assistance is intended to meet a household's emergency heating need when no other resource is available. It helps eligible households when Fuel Assistance or other resources cannot meet the need. Some examples of emergencies include: lack of heat, imminent utility cut-off, and inoperable or unsafe heating equipment. To be eligible for Crisis Assistance, there must be a heating emergency, and certain income and citizenship criteria must be met.

  • Applications are accepted from November 1 through March 15.  The Crisis Assistance offered during this time period includes:  one-time only heat security deposit; portable space heater for temporary use; payment for emergency shelter; and/or heating equipment repair/purchase.

  • Applications are accepted from the first workday in January through March 15 for the following types of Crisis Assistance:  purchase of home heating fuel and payment of heat utility bill.

Assistance is based on the availability of funds.

Cooling Assistance

Cooling Assistance is designed to prevent or help with cooling emergencies resulting from extreme heat. The program provides purchase or repair of cooling equipment and/or payment for electricity to operate cooling equipment.  To be eligible, certain income and citizenship criteria must be met. In addition, the household must contain at least one vulnerable individual who is age 60 or over, disabled, or under age 6, and there must be a cooling need.  Applications are accepted from June 15 through August 15.  Assistance is based on the availability of funds.

Eligibility criteria for assistance include:

  • Must be a resident of the locality in which application is made
  • Must have a heating or cooling expense responsibility
  • Must not exceed the monthly gross income limits

Additional Information

To see if you are eligible for Energy Assistance, go to

For more information, please contact the Prince George Social Services Department or visit the Virginia Department of Social Services Web site.

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