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All Real Estate tax, Personal Property tax, and Stormwater Utility fees are now due June 24, 2022
Penalty and Interest of Zero Percent (0%) for all payments received on or before August 31, 2022.
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What is a reassessment?

Why reassess?

How does the Real Estate Assessor's office come up with a value for my assessment?

What is the difference between the sale price, an appraisal, and an assessment?

If I just recently sold my home, isn't that the fair market value?

How can a property be assessed for more or less than its purchase price?

Will my assessment go up or down after this reassessment?

Why is my assessment changing?

How will this affect my taxes?

Do all assessments change at the same rate?

Why are some properties assessed higher or lower than what they sell for?

Why does the Real Estate Assessor's office re-inspect my property even if nothing has changed?

Why do the appraisers not schedule for an appointment to come inspect a property?

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