Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm Systems

False Alarms – Law Enforcement 

In January of 2010, the Prince George County Board of Supervisors adopted an Alarm Ordinance relating to Law Enforcement. The purpose of the Ordinance is to encourage alarm users and alarm companies to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms. False alarms are a daily occurrence in the County with a tremendous amount of resources involved in each call.

Fines are assessed based on the fee schedule listed below:

First and Second false alarm - $0 
Third and Fourth false alarms - $50 Each 
Fifth and above false alarms - $100 Each

Alarm user - means any person, who (which) has contracted for monitoring, repair, installation or maintenance service from an alarm installation company or monitoring company for an alarm system, or who (which) owns or operates an alarm system which is not monitored, maintained or repaired under contract.

Appeals - The alarm user may appeal an assessment of a fine to the alarm administrator by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal within 15 business days after notice of the fine or of revocation. The alarm user may appeal the decision of the alarm administrator to the court system in accordance with provisions of the Code of Virginia, as amended. 


Alarm Registration – is required. 

The registration forms are available from the police department or by clicking here
Alarm registrations cannot be transferred to another person or alarm site. An alarm user shall inform the alarm administrator of any change that alters any of the information listed on the alarm registration application 
.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tamie Perryman at 804-733-2773 or by email at: 

In the interest of public safety, all information contained in and gathered through the alarm registration applications and records relating to alarm dispatch requests shall remain confidential. 

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