Consumer Complaints & Landlord/Tenant Matters

Persons having consumer complaints or inquiries about landlord and tenant relations should contact the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs in Richmond at (800) 552-9963.


Criminal Matters

The Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecutes violations of state law and county ordinances occurring within the County of Prince George:

  • For information or inquiries about matters handled by the Commonwealth’s Attorney, call (804) 733-2790.
  • For victims and witnesses who have questions about the status of the criminal matter in which they are involved, call (804) 733-2753.


Legal Advice & Representation

Referrals for legal assistance concerning private or personal matters may be obtained from the Lawyers Referral Service through the Virginia State Bar at (800) 552-7977.


Legal Aid Society

Persons meeting certain eligibility criteria relating to income may qualify for some legal assistance from the Central Virginia Legal Aid Society Southside Office located in Petersburg.  For further information, call (804) 862-1100.

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