New Prince George County Business License

3-Step Process for Approval

Step 1: Obtain Zoning Approval

The Planning and Zoning Division must first issue zoning approval for all new business licenses located within Prince George County. The signed approval form must be presented to the Commissioner of the Revenue at the time you request your business license. When you sign a Commercial lease make sure that the Property Owner has signed the Professional Business Zoning Approval Form.  There is a $25.00 fee due upon submittal for a zoning inspection prior to the issuance of approval.  Please call the Planning and Zoning Division at (804) 722-8678 for information about completing either a Home Occupation Zoning Approval form or the Professional Business Zoning Approval form.

Step 2: Record a Business Name

The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office can assist you in recording your assumed or fictitious business name (if applicable) by visiting their office in person. A copy of your receipt from the Clerk’s office also must be presented to the Commissioner of the Revenue at the time you request your business license. The Circuit Court Clerk’s office is located within the Courts Building. Please call (804) 733-2640 for information about the current recordation fee. If you have formed a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation and you are going to operate under that name, you are not required to complete this step.

Step 3: Obtain Business License Approval

The office of the Commissioner of the Revenue issues business licenses and can assist you in completing the New Business License Application form. A contractor’s license requires a valid State License (class A, B or C) and a Virginia Workers Compensation (VWC) form  Other businesses may also require a valid State License, approval from the Health Department, a site inspection, occupancy approval of an existing building, or registration with the Police Department before our office can issue a County license. Please call (804) 722-8740 for information about business license rates, business classifications, or general questions.

After completing the 3 steps above, a new business license can be issued in a matter of minutes!

Business License Renewal 

Business licenses may be renewed by mail after the initial start-up year. Renewal forms are mailed every January and your license must be renewed by March 1st each year to avoid penalty. If the business is moved to a different location in the County during the calendar year, the Department of Planning and Zoning requires that you complete another Home Occupation or Professional Business Zoning Approval Form prior to renewal of your business license. 

* If the business ceases operation in Prince George you are required to notify the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue so that the license can be cancelled or inactivated. 

Business License Application Form for NEW Businesses