Personal Property Assessment Appeals

Personal Property Assessment Appeals

Personal Property Assessment Appeals

Appealing your assessment does not guarantee a reduction. Filing an appeal does not relieve the payment of a tax bill by the respective due date. If the assessment is later reduced as a result of an appeal and the original was paid, the county may issue a tax refund if all other taxes are current.

High Mileage

Prince George County provides an assessment discount to vehicles that qualify as high mileage. The qualification is based on NADA mileage tables. The discount does not apply to motorcycles, motor homes, large trucks or trailers.

One of the following must be provided as proof of mileage at or near January 1 of each tax year:

  • State Inspection Receipts
  • Oil Change Receipt
  • Repair Bill

High Mileage Qualification
Model Year
Mileage as of January 1, 2024
2024 NADA does not provide a value adjustment for current year models.
2023 20,001 miles
2022 35,001 miles
2021 45,001 miles
2020 60,001 miles
2019 70,001 miles
2018 85,001 miles
2017 95,001 miles
2016 105,001 miles
2015 120,001 miles
2014 130,001 miles
2013 140,001 miles
2012 150,001 miles
2011 155,001 miles
2010 & Older 165,001 miles

*Mileage table changes each year

Condition Adjustment

Prince George County provides an assessment adjustment based off of the condition of vehicles. One of the following must be provided to our office to make a condition assessment change:

  • Proof of Condition (Visual Inspection/Repair Estimate) dated on or before January 1 of the tax year
  • Detailed Police Report for the incident causing the damage

You will be required to sign a notarized affidavit indicating that we are reducing the assessment. You are required to notify our office should you fix the vehicle damages.

Appealing an Assessment

Any taxpayer wishing to seek a review of their assessment may appeal to the Commissioner of the Revenue to examine such assessment.
Personal Property Appeals must be filed within three years from the end of the tax year for which the assessment is made, or within one year from the date of the assessment, whichever is later.

Filing Instructions

If you believe that your assessment is incorrect or that a filing error was made, please submit a written appeal to the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue in person or by mail:

Commissioner of the Revenue
PO Box 155
Prince George, VA 23875

All written request must sufficiently include:

  • Taxpayer Information
  • Amount in dispute
  • Tax periods covered by the challenged assessments
  • Each alleged error in the assessment
  • Grounds upon which the taxpayer relies
  • Remedy sought
  • Any other facts relevant to the taxpayer's contention

Commissioner of the Revenue

Darlene M Rowsey,  MCR (804) 722-8740
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