Required Forms for CQL Participation

Required Forms for CQL Participation

2023 CQL Helmets

After registration and prior to participation in 2023 (and future) Prince George Parks & Recreation Football seasons, the following documents are required to be completed and submitted, along with copy of a valid Virginia DMV issued Child ID. 

2023 Chesterfield Quarterback League Application to Play
2023 Chesterfield Quarterback League Release of Liability
2023 Chesterfield Quarterback League Parents Code of Conduct

Prince George Parks and Recreation is a member of Chesterfield Quarterback League and Chesterfield Cheerleading League.  All Prince George County Youth that will be participating in 2023 (and future)Football or Cheer Seasons will be required to obtain a Child ID card from Virginia DMV prior to participating in the current season.  For information on obtaining a VA Child ID card, visit VA DMV Child ID Card 

VA DMV Child ID Card

Please submit copies of the above documents and VA DMV Child ID card in any one of the below listed ways:

1.  Email to:

2.  Drop off in person to:
                                         Prince George Parks & Recreation 
                                         11100 Old Stage Rd.
                                         Prince George, VA  23875

3.   Mail to:
                                         Prince George Parks & Recreation
                                         P. O. Box 68
                                         Prince George, VA  23875

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