Home Safety and Security Tips

Home Safety and Security Tips



For the exterior of your home

  • Get to know your neighbors and look after one another. 
  • Make sure the numerical address for the home is posted. 
  • If possible, make sure home is visible from the street. 
  • Motion lights are relatively cheap and easy to install. 
  • Any trees near the house need to be trimmed up to 7 feet. 
  • Any shrubs need to be trimmed down to 2-3 feet. 
  • Make sure the exterior doors are of good quality. A fiberglass or metal door is best. 
  • Make sure that the lock is of good quality. The lock should extend at least 1” into the door jamb. The metal strike plate needs to be installed 3” long screws that extend through the jamb and into the 2”x4” studs. 
  • Hinges should be installed with the same 3” screws. 
  • Any windows in or near the door should be made of polycarbonate plastic that will not shatter as easily as glass. 
  • Sliding glass doors should have a bar in the lower track and sheet metal screws installed into the upper track to prevent them from being lifted out of the frame. 
  • All exterior structures should be secured with a good padlock. 
  • Attached garages should have the same quality door and lock hardware as the rest of the house. Make sure roll up doors are closed completely. 

For the interior of your home

  • Alarms can be tailored to fit your needs. They can include motion sensors, infrared sensors that detect changes in heat, pressure sensors can be installed under windows, sensors that detect glass breakage and panic alarms are all available. 
  • All valuables (jewelry, china, silver, etc) should be appraised with a copy of appraisal kept in a safe spot. 
  • Video documentation of valuables can be made to show specific patterns and details. 
  • The make, model and serial number of all firearms and electronic equipment should be recorded and kept in a safe place. 
  • Computer passwords should not be kept near any computer. 

Holiday Tips

  • Make sure no presents are visible from the street.
  • Any boxes for electronic equipment should be torn up prior to placing them at the curb, or take them straight to the recycling bin in the Courthouse Complex.
  • If traveling, make sure a trusted friend or other family member keeps an eye on your house. Place the trash cans out by the curb as they are always done. This gives the impression that someone is at home. Disconnect the garage door opener from the door.


  • Our Community Policing Unit has crime prevention specialists who can inspect your home to ensure the appropriate safety measures are in place. To schedule an appointment, please call 733-2773.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the police department. 
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