School Programs

School Programs 

The Public Education Section provides educational opportunities to the community in an effort to reduce the number and severity of fires and injuries. The message being sent to all school aged children will be consistent throughout all of the programs.


The following programs are taught by educators within the Training Division.


This program is the beginning of the fire safety learning arena, and is reinforced as the child progresses through higher grade levels. This program is taught by operational firefighters on an annual basis.

The concepts taught are:

  • Basic Understanding of Smoke Alarms
  • Proper Actions to Take When Smoke Alarms Activate

1st Grade:

This program will reinforce and expand on the subject matter that was taught in kindergarten.

The concepts taught are:

  • Fire Escape Planning
  • Home Fire Drills
  • Proper Actions to Take When Smoke Alarms Activate
  • Smoke Alarms

2nd - 4th Grades:

This program will reinforce the knowledge that was gained within the 1st grade program.

In addition, students will physically practice home escape. The Fire and Life Safety House (when available/requested) will be used to simulate smoke within a bedroom, and the student will demonstrate the proper methods to use for home escape.

5th Grade:

This program is the most comprehensive of all the programs being taught. The concepts expanded on are:

  • Common Fire Hazards Found in the Home
  • Home Escape
    • Fire Escape Plans (Handouts Given to Develop Home Plans)
    • Home Fire Drills
    • Proper Actions to Take When Smoke Alarms Activate
  • Laws Regarding Fire Play
  • Smoke Alarms (Handouts Given to Ensure Properly Working Smoke Alarms)

To ensure that learning concepts are being retained, the student will also participate in pre and post testing.

If you would like a member of our public education section to come speak at your school/daycare/early education center please contact Fire Administration at 804-722-8614. 

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