Kids' Activity Pages

Kids' Activity Pages

There are many websites regarding fire safety and burn prevention for parents, teachers, and kids. Get kids involved. 

Sparky The Fire Dog

The Sparky The Fire Dog website is aimed at children ages 5 to 9. This website includes:

  • Fun Safety Ideas (to practice safety and escaping)
  • Help Sparky Out (escape plan game)
  • Safety Tips
  • Sparky's News
  • The Story of Sparky
  • What's Cool

Kids can ask Sparky questions and learn all about Dalmatians and fire trucks. There's also a "Drive the Fire Truck" game.

Smokey Bear

The official web site of Smokey Bear - (Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires). This website includes:

  • Fighting Forest Fires
  • Forest Fun
  • Fun Facts
  • Links
  • Stories

Also includes Campfire Games such as:

  • Amazing mazes
  • The Bear Facts
  • A Coloring Book to Print out
  • Memory Busters
  • Put Out the Fire

A colorful site with good graphics. Aimed at Primary and Elementary students. Not a lot of actual information.

National Fire Prevention Association Education (NFPA)

The National Fire Prevention Association has lots of information on fire safety and prevention. Look for Risk Watch, lesson plans arranged by grade level, Learn Not to Burn, Fire Prevention Week Facts and History, and more.

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