Are You Prepared for All Hazards?

Are You Prepared for All Hazards?

When a natural or human-caused disaster strikes Prince George County, residents may be required to be self-sufficient for up to 5 days or more before help or assistance arrives. By personally preparing, volunteering, and learning about your community's hazards, you can help ensure that you and your community can respond to and recover from disasters more quickly. Creating a resilient community requires action in advance by us all. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below will aid you and your family to become better prepared when the time comes. 

What types of Hazards can Occur in Prince George?

What are the Differences Between a Natural and a Man-Made Disasters

What Should I Do if I Spot a Potential Disaster and Whom should I Contact?

How Can I Prepare My Family For a Disaster

Where Can I Find Updated Information on Storms?

What Do I Do When There's a Weather Alert/Watch/Warning for Prince George County?

When is Hurricane Season?

Do I Need A Preparedness Kit and What Should I Have in It?

In The Event of a Disaster and I Have to Evacuate My Home, Where Do I Go?

What Is An Emergency Operations Center (EOC)?

How Can I Help My Community During a Disaster?

Who do I contact if a have a Family Member That is Elderly and is on Oxygen and they Loses Power For an Extended Period of Time?

Where Can I Find Updated County Specific Information During a Disaster?

Emergency Management
6602 Courts Drive, 2nd Floor
Prince George, VA 23875

Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator

Brion Bear 804-722-8614
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