Solar Energy Facilities

Solar Energy Facilities

solar facility summary 12-21-23

Solar Energy Facility Information

As our global energy needs increase and energy providers look towards renewable sources to meet demands, Solar Energy is emerging as one of the fastest growing solutions for energy needs. Prince George County has received several requests for construction of Solar Energy Facilities throughout the County, and has developed a policy governing the development of these facilities.

Click Here to view the Adopted Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy (adopted 8-11-20 and formally adopted as part of the County Comprehensive Plan on 5-24-22)
Click Here to view the Comment Table used to prepare the Solar Energy Facility Siting Policy 
Click Here to view the Board of Supervisors Update - October 20, 2021
Click Here to view the Solar Ordinance Amendment - Adopted April 25, 2017

Battery Energy Storage Facilities are considered a separate land use.
Click Here to view the Battery Energy Storage Facility Ordinance - Adopted May 10, 2022

Solar Facility Site Plans Under Review

Powell Creek Solar Facility - Click Here to view the proposed Site Plan (not yet approved)

Solar Facility Special Exceptions Under Review

None as of 12-21-23

Recent Solar Facility Special Exception Applications

Baker's Pond Solar Facility (RWE Clean Energy)
(Special Exception # SE-23-09 / Substantial Accord # SA-23-01)
This application was denied.
At its December 12, 2023 meeting, the Board of Supervisors held a public hearing, and, after listening to the Planning Department staff report, the applicant presentation, and over 20 people that spoke during the public hearing, they voted 5-0 to uphold the Planning Commission's finding that the proposed facility is not in substantial accord with the Comprehensive Plan. Without a finding that the facility is in substantial accord, the special exception request cannot proceed to a public hearing.

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