Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Planning & Zoning
Fee Schedule

(Effective August 9, 2022)

Business Zoning Reviews

Home Occupation Zoning Approval Form No charge (Generally)
Residential Group Home Zoning Review $25.00
In-Home Day Care Zoning Review $25.00
Professional Business Zoning Approval Form $25.00


Subdivision and Plat Reviews

Subdivision Plat Review (including Family Divisions and Resubdivisions): 2—5 lots: $275.00
6+ lots: $350.00 + $35.00 per lot
Other Plat Reviews including Boundary Line Adjustment Plat, Vacation Plat, Consolidation Plat, Easement or ROW Plat $50.00
Recordation Plat Review $50.00

Site Plan Reviews

Major Site Plan Review (including Engineering Plans required by Subdivision Ordinance) $350.00 + $35.00 per acre of land disturbance
Amendment of Approved Major Site Plan $250.00 + $35.00 per acre of land disturbance
Minor Site Plan Review (including amendment of approved Minor Site Plan Review) $250.00
Site Plan Re-Review $250.00 per review starting with the 4th submittal

Zoning Public Hearing Requests

Rezoning $1,050.00 Base Fee
  to: A-1 no additional fee
  to: R-A, R-E Base Fee plus $88.00/acre
  to: All other zoning districts Base Fee plus $140.00/acre
Amend Zoning Case $1,050.00
Amend Comprehensive Plan $700.00
Amend Zoning Ordinance $700.00
Special Exception (Conditional Use Permit) $700.00
Special Exception Home Occupation $350.00
Special Exception to BZA $250.00
Deferral Request (by applicant for public hearing requests) $625.00

Other Administrative Reviews

Administrative Second Dwelling Use $200.00 ($25.00 annual review fee)
Zoning Confirmation Letter $44.00
Traffic Impact Analysis Review (TIA) $700.00
FEMA Elevation Certificate Review or Floodplain Development Permit Review $25.00
FIRM Map Confirmation $25.00
DMV Compliance Letter $25.00

Variances and Appeals

Variance/Appeal/Other BZA Public Hearing Request $350.00
Administrative Variance $50.00 (+$300.00 if forwarded to the BZA)


Residential Subdivision Land Disturbance Permit/E&S Fee $200.00 + $20.00 per acre disturbed
Commercial Land Disturbance Permit/E&S Fee $400.00 + $25.00 per acre disturbed
Agreement in Lieu (Residential) $35.00
LDP Re-inspection Fee $40.00
LDP Dormant Project Review Fee $75.00
Planning & Zoning

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