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Congratulations to Prince George High School Senior Aidan Bryant who finished runner-up in America's Got Talent National Competition.

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Social Services Advisory Board

Social Services Advisory Board

Authority:  Code of Virginia (1950, as amended), Title 63.1, Chapter 3 (63.1-39-40)
Term: 4 years; no more than 2 terms consecutively; appointed by Board of Supervisors; term limitations apply (2 terms consecutively)
Meetings: 2nd Monday of every other month
Place: Office of the Director of Social Services
Time: 9:00 am

 Representative   Term Information  
 Helen Leonard
 Election District 1 
Term Began: 09/10/19           
 Term Ends:   09/11/21
 James Alan Schillinger  
 Election District 1
 Phone:  (804) 720-0914

 Term Began: 08/14/19
 Term Ends:   08/13/23
 Ms. Kimberley Wilson
Election District 1
 Phone:  (804) 895-3465

 Term Began: 08/14/20 
 Term Ends:   08/13/24
 Charlotte Seibert
Election District 2
 Phone: 804-458-4422
 Term Began: 08/14/19
 Term Ends:   08/13/23
 Jean Grim
Election District 1
 Term Began: 08/14/18
 Term Ends:   08/13/22
 (appt. 08/14/18; R-18-099A)


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