Riverside Regional Jail Authority

Riverside Regional Jail Authority

Authority:  Code of Virginia (1950, as amended), governed by Riverside Regional Jail Authority Board of Directors.  Membership requirement:  incumbent Sheriff must serve.
Term: 4 years; Member/Director appointed by Board of Supervisors

 Representative   Term Information  
 Roger (Buck) Vargo  

 Term Began: 01/01/22
Jeffrey D. Stoke
County Administrator 

 Term Began: 12/04/21
 Term Ends:   12/03/25
 Chief of Police  

 Term Began: 7/01/22
 Term Ends:   6/30/26

Other Participating Localities
City of Colonial Heights
City of Hopewell
City of Petersburg
Charles City County
Chesterfield County
Surry County

Authority Counsel
William H. Hefty, Esquire
Hefty and Wiley, P.C.

Colonel Larry J. Leabough
Superintendent Riverside Regional Jail

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