Planning Commission

 Authority   Code of Virginia (1950, as amended), Sec. 15.2-2210  
 Term 4 years; 7 members appt. by BOS and ex-officio member appt. by School Board to serve at its discretion 
 Meetings 7:30 pm; 4th Thursday of each month
 Place Board of Supervisors Board Room, 6602 Courts Drive, Prince George
 Workshop  Monday before regularly scheduled Commission meeting; 7:30 pm in the BOS Room

 Representative   Term Information  
 Jennifer D. Canepa

 Term Began: 01/01/23
 Term Ends:   12/31/26
 (appt. 12/13/22; R-22-228) 
 Roy Stephen Brockwell   
 Term Began: 01/01/22
 Term Ends:   12/31/25

 Tammy Anderson
 Term Began: 01/01/22
 Term Ends:   12/31/25

 V. Clarence Joyner, Jr.

 Term Began: 01/01/24
 Term Ends:   12/31/27
 (appt. 12/10/19)

 A. Willie Bresko, Jr.

 Term Began: 01/01/21
 Term Ends:   12/31/24

 Imogene Elder

 Term Began: 01/01/21
 Term Ends:   12/31/24

 Brian Waymack

 Term Began: 04/11/23
 Term Ends:   12/31/26
 (Interim Term)

Capital Improvement Plan Committee: Chaired by member of Planning Commission, membership includes a representative of School Board, Board of Supervisors, and three County citizens; reviews proposed CIP projects. 

Term: indefinite

T. J. Webb
CIP Committee Board of Supervisors representative
Indefinite term.


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