Healthy Living Day

Healthy Living Day

The Wellness Committee is proposing this new incentive to encourage good heath amongst employees! The Healthy Living Day proposal would allow full-time employees who use less than 24 hours of personal sick leave in a 12 month period to receive eight hours of administrative leave. This would be comparable to what is currently being offered to employees who donate to the Charity of the Year and receive time off. There are steps an employee would have to participate.

The following guidelines are proposed for the new initiative:

  • Employees would have to sign up and agree to the requirements; it would not just be given to every employee.
  • Employees would have to submit a leave slip to be approved by their supervisor for personal sick time; these would not be tracked or collected by the Finance Department but by a committee member.
  • The days of sick leave used would be prorated for part-time and 24 hour shift employees; part-time individuals would be required to use less than 12 hours of sick leave per year, and employees on a 24 hour shift would need to use less than 36 hours per year.
  • The amount of administrative leave earned would also be prorated for part-time and 24 hour shift employees; part-time individuals would earn four hours of administrative leave, and 24 hour shift employees would earn 12 hours.
  • Wellness visits, to include all preventative services such as the eye doctor, dentist, annual exams, etc. would not count against the 24 hours of sick leave.
  • Sick children or parents, nor their wellness visits, would count against the 24 hours of sick leave.
  • Employees that utilize FMLA would no longer qualify for the initiative; per the Personnel manual, extended sick leave of six working days or more will be designated as FMLA.
  • Employees would be required to use Administrative Leave earned before the use of annual leave or compensatory time.

Please contact Corrie Hurt at or your department’s wellness representative to learn more about this initiative or to express your interest in participating!

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