Annual Wellness Activities

Annual Wellness Activities

STEPS Challenges

The STEPS challenges are meant to encourage employees to get out and get moving! We all know that committing to a workout routine isn’t always easy, but we all walk every day. Once you start taking notice of the number of steps you take each day, you may be surprised. Re-viewing the weekly totals of other participants may compel you to take a few more steps! Rewards are given for different mile-stones throughout each challenge, and a grand prize is awarded to the first participant to cross the finish line of the challenge. Each new challenge is different, with different twists and different rewards. Come join in the fun of friendly competition and find yourself much healthier! For more information, contact Rachel Turner at (804) 733-2760. Check back for updates on the next challenge.

Healthy Lunches

Throughout the year, the Wellness Committee offers healthy lunches from local businesses to the County employees at a discounted price. These are meant to offer a convenient, healthier alternative for lunch to the employees. For more information, contact Lindsay Warren at (804) 722–8734. Check back for updates on the next lunch.


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