Electoral Board and Staff Members

Electoral Board and Staff Members

Electoral Board
As of JANUARY 1, 2023 

The Electoral Board consists of three members appointed by the Circuit Court Judge for three-year appointments. The current Electoral Board Members are:

Barbara S. Tabb - Chair
Phone: (804) 399-3570

Janice A. Ganoe - Vice Chair 
Phone:  (804) 721-7961
Email:   janice.ganoe@pgcountyva.org

Deborah B. Young - Secretary 
Phone:  (804) 894-3742 
Email:  deborah.young@pgcountyva.org

For minutes to the Electoral Board Meetings, click here.

Staff Members 

 Bogue, Betty  Deputy Registrar  Registrar  (804) 722-8743  Unknown Image
 Vinson, Emily  Deputy Registrar  Registrar  (804) 722-8745  Unknown Image
 Jones, Sherri  Deputy Director of Elections  Registrar  (804) 722-8746  Unknown Image
 Richeson, Allan  Director of Elections and General Registrar  Registrar  (804) 722-8748  Unknown Image

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