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Building A Residential Structure In Prince George County

Building A Residential Structure In Prince George County

Getting a Residential Building Permit

  1. General Building Permit Application must be completed.  The application can be obtained from the Building Inspections Division located at 6602 Courts Drive.
  2. Return the completed application to the Building Inspections Division.

Attach three sets of structural plans (drawn to scale), two plot plans and payment of the building permit fee. Incomplete applications are the primary cause of delays in obtaining permits. Follow the Permit Application Checklist to assure that your application is complete.

What The County Does With Your Application

Your application will be reviewed by several Departments to determine that the proposed residential structure will comply with County ordinances and State statutes.  The follow is a brief description of the Departments that will review your application and what they look for during their review.

The Building Inspections Division reviews building plans to confirm that the proposed construction will comply with the provisions of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code.  The Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code is a minimum standard that all local governments are required to enforce.  The building code requires that the Building Inspections Division also inspect the structure at critical points during construction. You will find these required inspections listed under Inspection Codes.

The Planning Division reviews your application to determine that the proposed dwelling will comply with applicable zoning requirements and proffered conditions.  The zoning review confirms that a single-family dwelling can be placed on the lot, and that the proposed dwelling will set within the boundaries of the buildable area on the lot. Proffered conditions, such as minimum lot size, house size or structure related requirements are also confirmed by the Planning Division if applicable. The Planning Division will assure that erosion control ordinances are implemented. The Planning Division is located at 6602 Courts Drive and can be reached at (804) 722-8678.

The Information Technology Department assigns the proper street number (address) to your home.

The Utilities Department reviews applications to confirm that county water and sewer connections are provided.  For answers to question regarding water and sewer service please call (804) 722-8706.

The Health Department reviews applications for dwellings that will be served by private water wells or private sewage disposal systems (septic tanks and drain fields).

This review confirms that the location of the well complies with the Nonpublic Drinking Water Supply Regulations issued by the State Board of Health.  The drain field is evaluated for compliance with the Sewage Handling and Disposal Regulations, also issued by the State Board of Health.  Questions concerning wells and drain fields can be answered by calling the Health Department at (804) 733-2630.  They are located in the Human Services Building at 6400 Courthouse Road, Building #12.

When Your Permit Will Be Issued

Our goal is to give steady, efficient service.  Contact the Building Officials Office for more information regarding this process.  Your permit will be mailed to you once it is issued, or you may pick it up at the Building Officials Office.

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