Available for children under the age of 21 for whom the agency is given custody prior to age 18 and who then become the agency's responsibility after all efforts to keep the family together have been exhausted.  The agency:

  • Arranges for temporary care of children who can no longer remain in their own homes.
  • Provides a full range of casework services to the child while in the agency's custody.
  • Provides services to the foster family, birth family and/or adopting family to include continuous counseling and support, training, and other such services.
  • Provides services to the child's family to help stabilize the family while working to return the child home; or
  • arranges for placement of the child with relatives or other permanent planned arrangement when return to home is not possible; or
  • institutes social and legal processes to terminate parental rights when appropriate if return home is not possible and
  • assists the child, where appropriate, in becoming a member of a new family unit through adoption.