VIEW is a program of employment opportunities to assist individuals in attaining the goal of self-sufficiency assessment, counseling, and assistance for TANF recipients and others who are seeking employment.   VIEW program goals are to offer Virginians living in poverty the opportunities:

   a) To achieve economic independence by removing barriers and disincentives to work and by providing positive incentives to work;
   b) To provide work skills necessary for self-sufficiency;
   c) To allow families living in poverty to contribute materially to their own self-sufficiency;
   d) To set out the responsibilities of and expectations for recipients of public assistance;
   e) To obtain work experience through the Virginia Initiative for Employment Not Welfare (VIEW)

An applicant/recipient of TANF or TANF-UP must participate in the VIEW program.
Please contact the Prince George Department of Social Services at (804) 733-2650


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