Auxiliary Grants

Auxiliary Grants

An Auxiliary Grant (AG) is an income supplement for individuals who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and certain other aged, blind or disabled individuals who reside in a licensed assisted living facility (ALF)or an approved adult foster care home.

An Auxiliary Grant payment is issued to an individual monthly, to be used with a designated amount of their monthly income to pay an ALF or AFC a maximum monthly rate. This rate is determined by the Virginia General Asssembly and is adjusted periodically.

The Auxiliary Grants program is 80 percent state funded and 20 percent locally funded and is administered by the Virginia Department of Social Services. It is only for individuals who reside in an ALF licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services' Division of Licensing Programs or in an AFC home approved by their local department of social services. Not all ALFs accept Auxiliary Grant payments.

Auxiliary Grant applicants must complete an Application for Benefits and submit it to an eligibility worker at the local department of social services in the city or county where the individual lived prior to entering in an institution such as an ALF, hospital or nursing home. The eligibility worker will evaluate the individual's financial eligibility for AG. The worker has 45 days to process the application.

Auxiliary Grants Application for Benefits

Individuals receiving an auxiliary grant also receive a personal allowance. The personal allowance is used by the resident for such things as clothing, medical co-payments, personal toiletries, tobacco products, sodas, snacks, over-the-counter and non-prescription medications, prescriptions not covered by Medicaid, dental care, eyeglasses, provision of a personal telephone and long-distance service, personal transportation, and activities outside of what is offered by the assisted living facility or adult foster care provider. Regulations do not allow the personal allowance to be used for required recreational activities, administration of accounts, debts owed the assisted living facility for basic services, or charges for laundry that exceed $10 per month.

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