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Project Lifesaver

project lifesaver

The Prince George County Sheriff's Office is proud to offer Project Lifesaver to the people of Prince George County. This is a joint effort with the Sheriff's Office and Police Department of Prince George County, along with Prince George County Fire & EMS. 

Project Lifesaver was established in April of 1999 as an initiative of the 43rd Search & Rescue Company of the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office. Project Lifesaver's mission is to use state of the art technology in assisting those who care for victims of Alzheimer's and other Related Mental Dysfunction Disorders (ARMD) and the victims who become lost. These victims include the elderly and even the youngest in our community who are afflicted with Down syndrome and Autism.

Victims of ARMD tend to wander from their homes. Project Lifesaver places personalized radio transmitters on identified persons with ARMD. These transmitters assist caregivers and local emergency agencies in locating those who cannot help themselves.

While the equipment and technology are important, Project Lifesaver is really about people and partnerships. Project Lifesaver works best in communities where law enforcement, civic groups, local business, and families join in developing and strengthening the program, in all aspects, including rescues, equipment maintenance as well as fundraising and education.

Prince George County Sheriff's Office is able to provide Project Lifesaver at no cost to the families or the county. The funding is received from donations by civic groups and individuals. The cost to place one person on Project Lifesaver is $300.00 plus about $100.00 a year. 
Anyone who would like more information on Project Lifesaver can contact

Deputy Edwin Betts 
Project Lifesaver Coordinator
Prince George Sheriff's Office  

Information on Project Lifesaver International

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