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Assessment Appeal Process

Assessment Appeal Process

Three Steps in the Appeal Process

Administrative Appeal

The Assessor's Office does not set value.  The citizens of the county determine value by creating the real estate market.  The Assessor's Office interprets the real estate market and creates valuation models to determine assessments in an equitable manner.

By bringing to the attention of the Assessor's Office any errors that are in the office's records regarding your property, makes the assessment process more accurate and equitable.


Administrative Appeal forms are available on the Forms & Information page of the Assessor's website.  As a result of an appeal, your assessment may increase, decrease, or reflect no change.  If you are dissatisfied with the result of an administrative appeal to the Assessor, you may file a formal appeal to the Board of Equalization.

Board of Equalization Appeal Procedure

To request a hearing before the BOE, property owners must first complete the Administrative Appeal Process, then either the owner or their agents must complete the required application that can be obtained either by contacting the Assessor's Office, or by downloading it from the website on the Forms & Information page.  Your application must be complete when submitted and include any documents that you plan to present to the Board of Equalization when presenting your case.

An appeal to the Board of Equalization is not a complaint about higher taxes.  You must attempt to prove that your property's market value is either inaccurate or inequitable when compared to similar property types.

State law puts the burden of proof on the property owner to show that the assessment is incorrect.  (Virginia Code §58.1-3379)

Please contact the Real Estate Assessor's Office for assistance in finding sales and comparable assessments in your appraisal neighborhood.  This information can also be found on the County website on the Online Assessments page.


File Suit in Circuit Court

Property owners who do not agree with the ruling of the Board of Equalization may appeal their assessment to the Circuit Court of Prince George County.  This is not an administrative procedure and filings must be made to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.  The property owner may need to secure the services of an attorney to make the necessary filings to the Circuit Court.

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