Where can I find maps which show the general layout of water and sewer lines in the subdivisions of the county?

I am a frequent traveler is there anything that I can do to keep from having the water turned off because I missed paying a bill?

Where does my water come from?

Why do I have Virginia American water or Lundie Utilities water but I have to pay your sewage fees?

Why is the sewage charge so much more than the water charge?

I do a lot of outside watering of the lawn, and in addition we are constantly adding water to the pool, can I get a reduction in the sewer bill for this water usage that doesn't return to the sewer?

How long do you keep my deposit for water/wastewater service?

Are there any deposits required to begin water and sewer service?

Can I pay my utility bill by credit card?

Where can I pay my utility bill?

What happens if I don't pay my utility bill?

What will happen if my water service is terminated? [Utilities]

Should I expect to see a water consumption of 12,000 gallons per billing cycle? [Utilities]

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