Annual Water Flushing Program

Annual Water Flushing Program

Annual Flushing Program

The Prince George County Utility Department's annual flushing program for those areas served by the County's water supplies is generally conducted during the spring and fall of the year.

Flushing of the water mains through the fire hydrants is important to remove any deposits, encrustation, sediments and other materials that may have accumulated. These deposits can result in discoloration of the water as well as taste and odor complaints. Encrustation of the pipeline may cause decreased carrying capacity of the pipe, which can affect the pressure, and the flow of water received in the subdivisions.

The flushing program also gives the department an opportunity to check the residual pressure throughout the water systems, to verify the flow that is available in the distribution system and to inspect hydrants to make sure that they are in working condition. Keeping track of the flows from one year to the next can give an early indication of trouble with the system capacity. During the flushing operation, there are some fluctuations in water discoloration and pressure.

Running the tap for a minute or two will alert you to any discoloration. If customers experience any discolored water they should not wash clothes until the water clears up.

The department will be performing hydrant flushing throughout the County during specified months between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:30 pm. It is not possible to have a set schedule because it is never known how long a system will take to flush clean. In addition, other emergencies arise from time to time which require the attention of the maintenance mechanics and will prevent them from flushing. Therefore, the flushing may be extended a couple of weeks depending on circumstances. The flushing program will effect only those subdivisions and areas that are on public water. Private water systems as well as mobile home parks will not be flushed as part of this program.

If you have any questions concerning this program, please call the Utility Department at (804) 722-8706.

Fall Flushing Schedule

Under development.

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