Volunteer Vehicle Certification

Volunteer Vehicle Certification

Volunteer Reduced Rate

Under the Prince George County Code, one motor vehicle owned or leased by a member of a county volunteer rescue squad, fire department or auxiliary police officer is eligible for a reduced rate. The approved rate is $0.10 per $100 of Assessed Value for one motor vehicle.

This reduced rate is available to taxpayers who qualify under the provisions of the Prince George County Code Sec 74-432. The volunteer must have regularly responded to calls or regularly performed other duties for the rescue squad or fire department for the previous calendar year using the qualifying vehicle. 

Each year, a certification list is received by the Fire Chiefs to certify the volunteers. If your vehicle was not certified on the original list, you will need to fill out a copy of the Volunteer Vehicle Certification form. Your fire chief will need to certify the form, and you will send the certified form to our office.

Commissioner of the Revenue

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