Newly Purchased

All new vehicles must be registered with DMV. Taxpayers are required to register newly purchased personal property (vehicles, boats, trailers, mobile homes, motorcycles and motor homes) housed in Prince George County.

You may use the Individual Tangible Personal Property Tax Return and register via mail or you can visit our office with a copy of your DMV or Inland Games & Fisheries registration card.

You are responsible for paying the vehicle registration fee. For County vehicle registration information contact the County Treasurer's Office at (804) 722-8750.

Moved or Sold a Vehicle

If you move out of Prince George County or sell a vehicle, you must first notify DMV of the change. Next, contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's Office so the vehicle can be removed from County records.

If you move out of Prince George or sell a motor vehicle or trailer, your personal property tax for that vehicle or trailer will be prorated, and you will receive a credit or refund of taxes paid for that portion of the remaining year, provided all other taxes and debts due the County are paid.

Address Change

First notify DMV of your address change. Next notify the Commissioner of Revenue's Office with your new address. You can mail the Address Correction Form or come into the office in person.

Moving to another locality in Virginia

We will need documentation from the Commissioner of the Revenue's office showing the month, day and year the new locality began taxing the vehicle(s).

Moving out of state

The dates shown on the documents below will be used to prorate your personal property taxes.

  • Please provide a legible copy of your new registration card for each vehicle from the other state.
  • The registration card(s) you send must show date when first issued in the other state for your adjustment to your Personal Property taxes.
  • If no date is listed, you must have DMV provide documentation showing your re-title date for the other state.

Mail or fax copies to:

Mailing address: PO Box 155, Prince George, VA 23875

Office address: 6602 Courts Drive, 1st Floor, Prince George, VA 23875

Fax # (804) 863-0529

Office # (804)722-8740