Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property

Prince George County levies a tax on tangible personal property used in a trade (all furniture, fixtures, equipment, including backhoes, cranes, generators, etc. hand and/or power tools, copiers and other office machines, computer equipment, including mainframe and personal computers, monitors, CPUs, business telephones, signs, and any other tangible personal property) located in Prince George County on January 1st. A Return of Business Tangible Personal Property must be filed by February 5th of each year.

To request an extension on the filing of the Business Personal Property return, please return a written request by either email to, fax (804) 863-0529 or mail at PO Box 155, Prince George, VA 23875.

The tax bills for Business Personal Property are due on June 5th every year.

Business personal property tax is not prorated. However, motor vehicles utilized in a business are prorated.

Business Personal Property is depreciated using the original purchase price and original purchase date. The depreciation schedule is listed below.

  Original Cost Percentage Assessed Value
Purchased 2019 or Before   20%  
Purchased 2020   30%  
Purchased 2021   40%  
Purchased 2022   50%  
Purchased 2023   60%  



Commissioner of the Revenue

Darlene M Rowsey, Master Commissioner of the Revenue

Briley Vaughan, Deputy Commissioner of the Revenue (804) 722-8740
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