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Business Licenses

Business Licenses


  • Prince George County Code requires most businesses to obtain a business license.
  • Businesses with gross receipts between $1,000 and $25,000 will pay a $25.00 license fee.
  • Businesses with gross receipts between $25,001 and $50,000 will pay a $50.00 license fee.
  • Businesses with gross receipts over $50,000 pay on a rate per $100 based on the particular business classification.
  • For more information on business license rates, please check here.

New Businesses

  • Businesses must satisfy all state or county requirements before beginning business in Prince George County.
  • The Clerk's Office of the State Corporation Commission is the central filing office in Virginia for all assumed or fictitious names. For Form SCC59.1-70-BE, go to or visit to file online. You can also file your Limited Liability Corporation, Corporations and Limited Liability Partnerships through the State Corporation Commission at
  • The Planning and Zoning division must first approve all business locations in Prince George County. They can be reached at (804) 722-8678 or their website here. You will be required to complete either the Home Occupation Zoning Approval form or the Professional Business Zoning Approval form. There is a $25.00 fee for the Professional Business Zoning Approval Form. The Home Occupation Zoning Approval Form is free. Click here to access the Zoning Approval forms.
  • A contractor’s license requires a valid State License (class A, B or C), Sub-Contractor Request Form and a Virginia Workers Compensation (VWC) Form 61A.
  • Some businesses require different state licensing, health department inspection, police department registration, or business license inspection before a local license can be issued. 
Business License Application Form for New Businesses

For assistance with the business license application or the licensing process, please contact our office at (804) 722-8740 or visit the office during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Annual Renewal Process

  • Renewal musts be filed and paid for by March 1st every year to avoid late payment penalty. To obtain a copy of a renewal, please contact our office at (804) 722-8740 or email the office at
  • Any changes in ownership structure, business activities or business address should be updated to the Commissioner of the Revenue.
  • In the event you move to another location in Prince George County, you must obtain new zoning approval for your new location. Please provide the updated zoning approval to our office.
  • In the event you cease business operations within Prince George County, you must notify the Commissioner of the Revenue in writing.
Commissioner of the Revenue

Darlene M Rowsey, Master Commissioner of the Revenue

Linda Howard, Deputy License Inspector (804) 722-8740
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