Susan O'Prandy Fierro
Prince George County Commonwealth's Attorney

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office for the County of Prince George prosecutes all felony and misdemeanor cases in the Prince George Circuit Court, the Prince George General District Court, and the Prince George Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court.

In addition to these duties, the Prince George Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office is also responsible for the following:

  1. Responding to Motions filed in any criminal case;
  2. Providing legal advice, when called upon, to local law enforcement in the investigation of criminal offenses;
  3. Providing legal training to local officials and law enforcement officers;
  4. Filing legal actions to force individuals to forfeit property and money from crimes;
  5. Answering Petitions for Appeal in the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia; and
  6. Participating in the Hopewell, Prince George, Surry Drug Court.

This office does not handle civil cases such as divorces, landlord/tenant disputes, estates, wills, real estate, etc.