Programs and Community Outreach

Programs and Community Outreach

Drug Court:
The Hopewell, Prince George, and Surry Drug Court is an alternative to incarceration for selected non-violent felons with substance abuse problems. Drug Court is an intensive probation and therapeutic program supervised by the Drug Court Team.  The Drug Court Team includes the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, a defense attorney, a Circuit Court Judge, counselors and staff from Riverside Criminal Justice Agency and District 19.
The mission of the Hopewell, Prince George, Surry Drug Court is to hold offenders accountable for their actions while allowing them the opportunity to gain the tools they need to break the cycle of substance abuse and become productive members of society.

Litter Reduction Program:
The Litter Reduction Program (LRP) began in 2019 as a jail diversion program for low-level offenders.  This program allows offenders to perform community service in Prince George County with the goal being to positively affect the community the offender harmed with his or her criminal behavior.  The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office works in conjunction with Riverside Criminal Justice Agency and the Prince George Sheriff's Office to supervise and administer the Program.   When you see orange trash bags on the roadside, that is the work of the persons in the Litter Reduction Program.

LRP statistics: 
August 2023: 184 bags of trash collected
July 2023: 158 bags of trash collected
June 2023: 125 bags of trash collected
May 2023: 190 bags of trash collected
April 2023: 246 bags of trash collected
1st Quarter 2023 (January through March): 994 bags of trash collected
2022 total: 2,573 bags of trash collected
4th Quarter 2022 (October through December): 453 bags of trash collected
3rd Quarter 2022 (July through September):  448 bags of trash collected
2nd Quarter 2022 (April through June):  774 bags of trash collected
1st Quarter 2022 (January through March): 898 bags of trash collected
2021 total: 2,867 bags of trash collected
June 8, 2020 through December 23, 2020: 1,379 bags of trash collected

Victim/Witness Assistance Program:
The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office sponsors the Victim/Witness Assistance Program, which is also overseen by County Administration and is funded through a combination of local funds and grant funds.  For more information, please follow this link to the Vicitim/Witness Assistance Program.  The Program can also be reached at (804) 733-2753.

Community Outreach:

We participate in events and programs such as Community Day, Back to School Night, Prince George Police Department Citizen's Academy, Prince George County Citizen's Academy, and Prince George High School Model Judiciary Program.  Our staff regularly teaches new recruits for Crater Criminal Justice Academy and we conduct legal update training for the Prince George Police Department, Prince George Sheriff's Office, and Crater Criminal Justice Academy.

Members of the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office are available to make appearances and presentations to civic and community groups. 

If your group or organization would like to schedule a presentation or appearance by a member of the Prince George Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, please contact the office at (804) 733-2790.

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