Countywide Projects and Updates

Countywide Projects and Updates

Water and Sewer Projects with a photo of an excavator and a huge ditch with workers completing a water main pipe.A manufacturing building with red maple leaves draping in front that offsets the bright blue sky. The text reads Comprehensive Plan Update.A person holding a cell phone. The person is filling out an online survey. The text reads Community Feedback.
A blue and green pickleball court with tall green trees in the background on a nice spring day. The text reads Parks and Recreation Projects.A large spool of orange fiber cable is being lain into the ground. There are blue skies which further accentuates the orange cables. The text reads Broadband Expansion Project.Road Improvement Projects with a large yellow machine that is smoothing out freshly marked blacktop pavement.
A map of Prince George County with little blue indicators that show where in the county the public libraries are located.
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Date: July 2024

Public Information Office
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Public Information Officer

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